SeedGeneDB provides a tool named AGCAT (Arabidopsis Gene Correlation Analysis Tool) to help users to find correlations between two seed-related genes. These correlations are generally direct or indirect regulation or sequence similarity.

Mechanism of AGCAT

AGCAT is a tool based on text search. The searched database includes titles and abastracts of publications from NCBI PubMed. These publications are firstly screened with the words "plant" and/or "arabidopsis" in any MEDLINE key words.


This tool is designed to help users to find potential correlations between two seed-related genes (Gene-Gene Analysis) or between one gene and the other genes (One Gene Analysis). Arabidopsis gene locus IDs (e.g. AT1G21970, both uppercase and lowercase letters are accepted) are needed for input. It will give warning if the input locus IDs are not in required format. If you want it to show detailed results (detailed information of publications) please select the check box following the "run" button.

Analysis Results

The result of AGCAT Gene-Gene Analysis is a list of publications that explain the relationship between genes. While the result of One Gene Analysis is one or more lists of publications following each pair of genes which may have some correlation. If you have selected the "Show detailed results" check box, detailed information of every publication will also be listed.