The sources and their links of the data used in SeedGeneDB are listed below:

Arabidopsis Gene Information:

  • Raw MicroArray data used to screen Arabidopsis seed related genes:
  • TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource)

  • Locus, Model ID, gene name, gene alias, gene type, description, gene structure information (.gff3 file), CDS sequence, protein sequence, cDNA sequence, and genomic sequence (TAIR8):
  • TAIR

  • GO information:
  • NCBI

  • UniGene information
  • NCBI

  • Protein domain information (Pfam version_23.0)
  • Pfam

  • Mutant information

  • Publication information
  • NCBI
    NCBI Batch Entrez

Rice Gene Information:

Sequences used for blast