Seeds provide a majority of food of human beings and animals. They are also the reproductive organs of seed plants and enable them to be the most prosperous taxa on land.

Genes that are expressed dominantly in seeds, such as SSP (Seed Storage Protein) genes, LEA (Late Embryo Abundant protein) genes, LEC1 (AT1G21970), L1L (LEC1-like, AT5G47670), LEC2 (AT1G28300), FUS3 (FUSCA3, AT3G26790) and ABI3 (AT3G24650), play important roles in seed development.

Using microarray data, we screened 1437 genes from Arabidopsis thaliana and 1258 genes from Oryza sativa that are exclusively or dominantly expressed in seeds.

Some of these genes are specifically expressed in seeds. Others are also expressed in roots, leaves, certain flower organs, etc., except in seeds. But all these genes have dominant expression in seeds than in most other organs or tissues. In SeedGeneDB we call them "seed related genes".

For each gene, SeedGeneDB provided basic gene information (locus ID, gene name, alias, gene type and description), GO annotation, UniGene information, expression profile, gene intron-exon structure, protein domain information, corresponding mutants, related publications and sequences (CDS, protein, cDNA and genomic).

Currently, SeedGeneDB collects Arabidopsis and rice seed related genes and aims to provide researchers who are interested in molecular study of plant seeds with comprehensive information about seed related genes. These information can be browsed by gene classification (different gene functions) or locus ID. Blast search and text query tools are provided to find certain genes that you are interested in. All the data can be downloaded freely.

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