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Gene ID AT3G24650
Gene Name ABI3
Gene Type protein_coding
Description ABA INSENSITIVE 3 (ABI3); CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Transcriptional factor B3 (InterPro:IPR003340); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: AP2/B3-like transcriptional factor family protein (TAIR:AT3G26790.1); Has 4494 Blast hits to 2758 proteins in 300 species: Archae - 0; Bacteria - 132; Metazoa - 1104; Fungi - 405; Plants - 1155; Viruses - 101; Other Eukaryotes - 1597 (source: NCBI BLink).
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Gene IDAT3G24650
GO IDOntologyGO term
GO:0003677FunctionDNA binding
GO:0003700Functiontranscription factor activity
GO:0003700Functiontranscription factor activity
GO:0016563Functiontranscription activator activity
GO:0016563Functiontranscription activator activity
GO:0017163Functionbasal transcription repressor activity
GO:0006355Processregulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0009657Processplastid organization
GO:0009733Processresponse to auxin stimulus
GO:0009737Processresponse to abscisic acid stimulus
GO:0009790Processembryonic development
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Gene IDAT3G24650
UniGene IDAt.19959
Express Tissueseed
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Gene Orientation: +           Gene Length: 3694
Gene Position on Chromosome: Start: 8997370     End: 9001063
UTR Position : AT3G24650.1: 1-541 3412-3694
Coding Region: AT3G24650.1: 542-2221 2422-2514 2660-2760 2894-2940 3058-3134 3247-3411
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Model ID: AT3G24650.1 Model Length: 721
PositionPfam DomainPfam IDScoreE-value
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Gene IDAT3G24650
Mutant Nameabi3-1
TAIR Stock NoTAIR Accession NoMutagen
CS241005161158ethylmethane sulfonate
Stock Description 
Phenotype"abscisic acid resistant, reduced sensitivity to ABA inhibition of germination, germinates in the presence of 10 microM ABA; increased level of endogenous ABA during seed development; does not exhibit compromised water relations, not wilty phenotype; reduced seed dormancy, fresh seeds germinate at high frequency; decreased sensitivity to the presence of GA biosynthesis inhibitors such as paclobutrazol; reduced sensitivity to salt and osmotic stress during germination; decreased accumulation of storage reserves and products of some late-embryogenesis abundant genes."
Gene IDAT3G24650
Mutant Nameabi3-4
TAIR Stock NoTAIR Accession NoMutagen
CS61301008493371ethylmethane sulfonate
Stock Description 
Phenotype"Abscisic acid resistant, strong allele, reduced sensitivity to ABA inhibition of germination, germination of seeds only slightly inhibited by 1mM ABA; normal plant growth; seeds fail to degrade chlorophyll during maturation keeping seeds green until mature."
Gene IDAT3G24650
Mutant Nameabi3-5
TAIR Stock NoTAIR Accession NoMutagen
Stock Descriptionseeds lose their viability within 5 weeks of storage at room temperature 
Phenotype"Abscisic acid resistant, strong allele, reduced sensitivity to ABA inhibition of germination, germination of seeds only slightly inhibited by 1mM ABA; normal plant growth; seeds fail to degrade chlorophyl during maturation keeping seeds green until maturity; absence of seed dormancy; reduced seed desiccation tolerance; reduced seed longevity; seeds lose their viability within 5 weeks of storage at room temperature."
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Bies-Etheve N, da Silva Conceicao A, Giraudat J, Koornneef M, Leon-Kloosterziel K, Valon C, Delseny M. 1999. Importance of the B2 domain of the Arabidopsis ABI3 protein for Em and 2S albumin gene regulation. Plant Mol Biol. 40(6): 1045-54 [Abstract][PubMed ID: 10527428]

Rohde A, De Rycke R, Beeckman T, Engler G, Van Montagu M, Boerjan W. 2000. ABI3 affects plastid differentiation in dark-grown Arabidopsis seedlings. Plant Cell. 12(1): 35-52 [Abstract][PubMed ID: 10634906]

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Lopez-Molina L, Mongrand S, McLachlin DT, Chait BT, Chua NH. 2002. ABI5 acts downstream of ABI3 to execute an ABA-dependent growth arrest during germination. Plant J. 32(3): 317-28 [Abstract][PubMed ID: 12410810]

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